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Click here to download new free AbsoluteToolbar 3.0. Get it from CNET Download.com!
New search directory contains hundreds of new  popular searchable web sites. If you have a website or blog you can create a tabbed search directory like one above for your website. Click here for all new features.

Add favorite search directories to your toolbar tabs.
Zoom just one image or the entire page, scroll page by dragging with right mouse button, make page transparent and more.

Stop wasting your time on first searching for quality web sites, then waiting for the main pages to come up and then retyping your search strings in each site's search boxes before finding the information you are looking for.

We have spent hundreds of hours finding and categorizing top quality web sites for each subject. And the best of all we have put them right on the toolbar in convenient multi tab interface.

You just need to type once your search string, choose a category and then select one of the websites for searching. To switch your search to another website just  click on that website link on the toolbar.
This allows you to instantly switch your search from Google to Yahoo, Msn, Ask and to other major search engines, shopping sites etc.

AbsoluteToolbar 3.0
is an all in one toolbar that has a new powerful multi line tabbed search bar in addition to the version 1.5. It allows you to have search functionalities of hundreds of toolbars organized in a multi level tabs. This is not only easy to use, but also increases the usable view area on the browser.
You can access all categories simply by clicking on its tabs. Each tab contains search buttons of most popular websites for that category. Tabs can be hidden or expanded with a single click.

After you've searched and found a webpage you can attach the information to your search string. Attachment can be shown as a comment in the search box or as an html fragment selected from the webpage. Attachments are stored on your local drive as html files.

For example, after you've found a phone number you can add that number as a comment next to the name in the search box. Next time if you need the phone number of the same person it will be next to the name in the search box.

You can also use the toolbar to login to your email or other websites with different user names and passwords.

The AbsoluteToolbar  contains 100s of top search sites for free streaming movies and TV shows from peekvids to Youtube, major shopping sites Froogle to Walmart etc.

Here is a list of other new features:
 1. Over 16 new, wrist-friendly mouse shortcuts.
 2. Search by categories on popular search engines.
 3. Direct search of 100 popular shopping, news, download, movie and other special search sites.
 4. Type sensitive, customizable instant search options.
 5. Catalog mode browsing option.
 6. 3 different zoom types for page, image and paragraph.
 7. Easy created reference pages.
 8. Attaching notes to web sites and search keys.
 9. Popup blocker with popup preview option.
 10. Process analyzer. Spyware, adware and viruse detector.
 11. Anti phishing and cross site scripting protector.
It installs or uninstall in minutes. No personal information is required to use it! 

No Adware
. No Spyware. No Malware. No PopUpsAbsoluteToolbar does not collect any information about you or your surfing habits.

New AbsoluteToolbar Deluxe 3.0

Buy now for $19.00

Impress your boss, coworkes, customers or friends by instantly creating a custom super toolbar with all important links for your intranet or internet sites.

In the Absolutetoolbar  deluxe version you can also add or delete your favorite search links or create a new category. All links are stored in a search directory xml file, which can be shared with other users. You can have multiple search directory files for different subjects.
It's like having all your favorite sites categorized on you toolbar, with ability to do an instant search on them.

The deluxe version also allows you to create your own search directory file. Which means you can instantly create your own tabbed toolbar for your websites or for your company with all important links and share it with others.


    "AbsoluteToolbar is absolutely the perfect tool bar that will suit with all your requirements.
    This multi-featured toolbar with its extra smart features will prove to be the best toolbar for your internet explorer. The capabilities of this toolbar provides features like; 16 different mouse functions and shortcuts, allows 19 different search categories on popular search engines, provides direct search to 40 popular shopping, news, download, special search sites; search options that are type sensitive, supports group search on multiple sites or search engines, allows catalog mode browsing, supports zoom for page, image and paragraph; supports easy created reference pages, allows notes attachment to web sites, in-built is a popup blocker with popup preview option, it also provides user safe surfing with its process analyzer, Spy-ware, ad-ware, virus detector and much more.
    With this multifunctional toolbar streamline and speed up the way you use the web. "

"Your product AbsoluteToolbar 2.0 has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components.
We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to
keep this high standards in the future."

Finding Quality Information on the Web.
In just a few years a generation has grown up believing that everything can be found on the Web, and indeed there are now more than 2 billion documents in cyberspace, not including the 550 billion documents that can be accessed via the 'deep' or 'invisible' Web.

But how do you separate quality, authoritative information from all the dross? It seems that the difficulties of finding valid information on the web are growing as fast as the Internet itself. Effective searching in this ever-expanding environment requires new strategies.

Productive searching for web-based information requires not only good search skills but also a broad knowledge of trusted sites. The Absolutetoolbar 2.0  is a vital resource for anyone who wants to access the Web successfully.

You can also customize colors, looks and sizes of tabs of the toolbar.

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